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Transform Your Travel Experience

The Best Airline Travel Pillow

Award Winning Product

Kaz Headrest is the world’s first portable, front supporting air travel pillow. It is fully adjustable, extremely comfortable, and can be used in airplanes, hotels, at the office and at home. This travel headrest’s patented design makes it simple and easy to use. If resting on an airplane is difficult for you, then try a Kaz Headrest! The Kaz Headrest air travel pillow gives you the maximum comfort and rest you deserve while you travel.

The patented ergonomic design of this travel headrest is made from high impact glass fiber and easily adjusts to your most comfortable setting letting you rest and breathe freely. With a slight adjustment the Kaz Headrest can hold a laptop and can be used for a relaxing massage.

The Kaz Headrest folds up tight

The Kaz Headrest folds up tight and compact, so that it is easy to carry. This travel headrest doesn't take up too much space, and can be easily stowed away in your carry-on bag or under the seat while not in use.

Adjustable For Maximum Comfort

Short or tall, anyone can comfortably use the Kaz Headrest. This travel headrest can adjust to just about any height and comes with a plush, inflatable neck pillow. No more hunching over to catch a few Z's on your next flight!

Weighs less than two pounds

Due to its light frame anyone can carry the Kaz Headrest with them in their carry-on bag. However the fame is very sturdy, and can support even the heaviest of laptops.

Fits in a convenient carrying case

The Kaz Headrest comes in a convenient carrying case, that makes it a breeze to pack into just about any bag. Don’t be the last one to try the Kaz Headrest, get your travel headrest today!